How Wales is GovernedWorking with the UK Government

How Wales is Governed

Working with the UK Government

Although the Welsh Government and Senedd Cymru have significant financial, legislative and policy powers over much of what Welsh local government does, it is important that councils continue to work closely with UK Government Ministers and MPs in London.

Non-devolved funding

There are some key areas affecting local government that are not devolved, such as Home Office functions around policing and community safety and other UK-wide issues such as benefits and the overall system of local taxation (i.e. council tax). However, from April 2019 the Welsh Government has been able to vary the rates of Income Tax paid by Welsh taxpayers. More information here.

Councils have direct links with the UK Parliament and Government, via local MPs and relevant Ministers. Much of the national representation is conducted via the WLGA and Local Government Association.

Leaving the EU

The Internal Market Act 2020 (see page 45), introduced as a result of the UK leaving the EU, set out new ground rules in terms of relationships with the rest of the UK. It allows free movement of goods and services throughout the UK and gives UK Ministers broad powers to provide financial assistance to any part of the UK in relation to economic development, infrastructure, cultural and sporting activities and support for education and training activities and exchanges.