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Community Safety

Community Safety Partnerships

Whilst not all councillors will be members of their Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) it is important for all to understand what community safety is and what CSPs are.

Community safety is the means through which citizens feel safe across all communities and environments in Wales, delivering strong, safe and confident communities in such a manner that provides equality of opportunity, social justice, resilience and is sustainable for all and enables community cohesion. Community Safety incorporates public safety, modern slavery and exploitation, serious violence and organised crime, anti-social behaviour, violence against women domestic abuse and sexual violence as well as terrorism and extremism.

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Community safety is a partnership approach to reduce crime and disorder in local communities, there are several duties that sit under community safety for which each council is responsible. Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) are made up of representatives from the police, councils, and the fire, health and probation services (known as responsible authorities). Local Government and the Police hold joint leadership for community safety and within this statutory partnership working the aim is to reduce crime and disorder in the local community as well as deliver outcomes on the prevention and reduction of crime and reoffending, fear of crime, anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse, and harm caused by substance misuse. Each CSP is required to have a strategic assessment which identifies priorities and issues within the council’s geographical area.

 Whilst there are designated staff within councils who have oversight of administration for the CSPs, all councillors are encouraged to understand the specific community safety governance structure within their council to ensure appropriate communication, support and effective working takes place within this statutory area.

 For more information please see Introduction to Community Safety – Wales Safer Communities