Further resources

Personal safety guidance

Northampton Borough Council – Personal safety guide for councillors

Essex County Council – Personal safety for members  

Plymouth Council – Personal safety and lone working guidance for councillors

Medway Council – Ward work guidance for councillors

Home security – Secured by Design

Counter terrorism support 



The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has a website with useful and practical guidance on issues such as transport safety, dealing with aggression, internet safety, personal alarms, running safety and safety at home. 

The National Stalking Helpline: Practical advice and information to anyone who is currently or previously has been affected by harassment or stalking.

Paladin: Strategic advocacy to high-risk victims of stalking and establish a network of victims who have endured stalking, providing mutual support and empowerment. 

Protection Against Stalking works jointly with relevant agencies to increase awareness of stalking and harassment to ensure victims receive protection and help to rebuild their lives and live free of fear.

LGiU Personal Safety: The Local Government Information Unit have developed a helpful resource containing checklists and advice on issues of personal safety for councillors


Social media guidance

Ashfield District Council – Social Media Policy for Councillors 

Essex County Council – Social media for members

Essex County Council – Social media protocol for members

WLGA – Social Media: a guide for councillors

WLGA – Councillors guide to handling online abuse

Get Safe Online

Helping young people stay safe online

Facebook policies and guidelines

Instagram policies and guidelines

Twitter policies and guidelines

Digital citizenship guidance

Virtual library – digital citizenship

Data protection guidance

Data Protection Act – ICO advice for elected and prospective councillors

Councillors’ guide to handling

harassment, abuse and intimidation

Definition of harassment, abuse and intimidation

General advice on handling abuse and intimidation

Practical advice for handling online abuse

Practical advice for handling physical abuse and personal security

Practical advice for handling psychological

abuse and impact on wellbeing

What legal support is there?

Advice for supporting councillors

Basics on communicating with

residents, colleagues and officers

Further resources

Please note that this guide does not take the place of legal advice or personalised advice from the police on offences or personal security. If you are concerned about your personal safety or security as a result of abuse, harassment or intimidation, do contact your local police force.