Welcome to Your New RolePersonal Safety Top Tips

Welcome to your new role

Personal Safety: Top Tips

As an elected official you will attend public events, private meetings, hold surgeries and be in the public eye. Whilst the chances of you or a member of your family becoming a victim of violent crime remains low personal safety is paramount, and here we highlight some key learning that aims to keep you safe. The more you do to protect yourself, the better protected you and your family will be.

Wales Safer Communities Network has produced a resource for elected officials, providing top tips for personal safety.

On this page you will find information on the following:

    • Safe Surgeries
    • Security-Minded Communications
    • Dealing with Aggression
    • Threats and Risks
    • Further Helpful Resources
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Councillors’ guide to handling harassment, abuse and intimidation

A pressing concern facing those in public office is the increasing levels of intimidation, harassment and abuse they are experiencing. While debate and expressing different views is all part of a healthy representative democracy, these unacceptable behaviours undermine the key democratic principles of free speech, debate and engagement, and sometimes pose a risk to councillors’ safety. Thankfully, serious incidents remain very rare.

In recognition of the impact of abuse and intimidation of councillors, the LGA has come together with the Welsh LGA, the Northern Ireland LGA and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities to produce this and other guidance.