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Working with communities

Diverse Communities

Equality and Diversity

As a councillor, you represent many diverse people. You will want to treat everyone with respect, so an understanding of equalities and diversity is essential. The Code of Conduct requires you to promote equality and to treat others with respect and consideration.

Equality is about ensuring that all people are treated equally. This does not mean treating everyone the same, but recognising the differences in their situations, cultures and experience and ensuring that there is equality of opportunity for all.

Representing your community

For you to represent the diverse people in your ward, you need to understand their position and know what they need. Do you understand for example the needs of different genders, of people from different socio-economic backgrounds? What about young people, older people, transgender people, gay men, lesbians, Disabled people, people from different faith or religious organisations, Black, Asian, or people from other different minority ethnic groups. Despite often being categorised according to these characteristics, all people of the same characteristic will not necessarily need the same things. The best way to find out what people need is to ask them!

Useful links

You may find it useful to speak to the organisations who represent different community groups. There will be many access groups, equalities or representative groups in your community who will be able to provide you with advice and help you engage with under-represented groups. Here are some links to national organisations who can also provide advice or signpost you to local groups.

Autism Wales

It is estimated that autism affects 1 in 100 people. As a Councillor, it would be good to have an understanding of autism and the associated code of practice. 

Autism Wales

Autism Wales – On this site you will find information about what autism is, and what services and training opportunities are available online and across Wales.  There are also a wide range of free downloadable resources that have been developed with autistic people, parents/ carers and professionals from across Wales. 

Understand Autism - e-learning module

‘Understanding Autism’ eLearning module – In this module, there is an introduction to what autism is, how it affects the day-to-day life of autistic people, and advice on things you can do to be more understanding of autism. 

Code of Practice

Code of Practice on the delivery of autism services 

A new Code of Practice on the Delivery of Autism Services (the Code) has been developed in response to feedback from autistic people and their families and/or carers, seeking clarity on the services they should expect to be available in Wales.